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These are the things that don’t easily fit into the other categories.  For example, I can organise a special private motorcycle tour for that important birthday coming up;  we get lots of 40th birthday groups, and 50th birthday groups, plus a few 60ths as well now.

More and more I’ll get a request from a group of say, 6-10 riders, who want a trip out to Iceland, Nepal, Morocco or even Thailand.  This can be arranged. Just ask.

Setting up your own “DIY” tour isn’t out of the question either.  Fancy going to The Alps but can’t make the dates I offer?  Then talk to me; it’s possible I can set it all up and organise it for you, with pre-booked hotels, tour routes worked out for you and marked-up maps provided.

On a number of occasions I’ve also been a personal Tour Guide, leading groups within the UK and across Europe.  I’m more than happy to discuss your requirements over the telephone.

On several occasions now, I’ve acted as personal support driver, organiser and Guide to private groups of motorcyclists.  I can set up your whole trip in advance, pre-book all the hotels and ferries, design the best riding routes for you, then drive a van or minibus to carry the bulk of your luggage, or non-biking wives and friends either.

Talk to me. Everything is possible.  As long as it’s fun, and interesting.