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alpstour3On my tours, the sky is always blue, the sun always shines, it’s always warm, it never ever rains and there’s always fine Ale on tap every evening.  And we never tell fibs. 

I’m now updating this website for the coming season of 2018. Please also use the Facebook group if you can – where it’s all happening and a fantastic platform on which to display all the tour photos. Or, if you’re old school, simply phone me to ask questions.  The Facebook Group “Bike Tours UK” is where all the good photos are, and there is live interaction between the folks who’ve actually been on the trips.

These are mainly exciting road trips, but several off-road or trail tours options are also offered  (for example, Iceland, Morocco, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia).  Most biking holidays are escorted, although in some cases I can sometimes offer self-guided or “DIY” versions if you prefer.  All my bike trips tend to have an element of “adventure” and unpredictability about them. We don’t do standard package trips in sterile 4* hotels.

I’m not jumping on the current popular “Adventure Bike” bandwagon here; the Bike Tours UK motorcycle experience has always been a bit like that anyway, way before The Long Way Round came along.  All my tours are designed to as reasonably priced as possible; a limited budget should never prevent a bike rider or pillion from enjoying an exciting biking holiday. Don’t get me wrong – my tours are not “CHEAP” but I believe they are truly good value.   The focus is always on the quality of riding, the interesting, not-so-obvious routes we use, and the great camaraderie normally found among like-minded riders.  The Bike Tours UK ethos is NOT about posh hotels and creature comforts.

Friends & guests – if your email to doesn’t work, or bounces back, please phone me.  Technology sometimes fails.  I worry that emails do not always get through to me.  To be sure, pick up the phone, or text me +44 7973 429631

Bike Tours UK Ethos

I’ve come to regard my motorcycle trips as Adventure Motorcycle Holidays, usually at the livelier end of the biking spectrum.  These are sometimes full-on, active tours, with scarcely a moment to catch your breath.  The emphasis is firmly on the quality of the riding, and top destinations, not necessarily high on creature comforts & the poshest hotels.  We may occasionally use up-market hotels with swimming pools, but this is not usually my main priority.  If it’s clean and comfortable, and in a great location, that will do for me.  And if it saves you a few quid as well, then that’s an extra bonus.
Bike Tours UK is small business, running a just small number of tours per year normally – as much for my own pleasure as yours. I only go to places that I know well, and areas I enjoy riding in myself.  I don’t do boring, flat, straight-road tours.   I try to offer good value, and retain the feeling of, “the good old days” of pure biking fun. Like it was when you were still a teenager, and went out riding with your mates dressed in jeans & trainers, perhaps a few years ago now 😉  Before the marketing boys segmented us into rival packs.  Personally, I love camping trips, and even if I won the Lottery, you’d still find me shacked up in a tent. However,  I also offer hotel & self-catering options as well.  Read the website fully.  You should be able to work out if you’re a Bike Tours UK sort of person or not.


Outside "The Mitre" enjoying a pint in the sunshine. TT Races 2013

Outside “The Mitre” enjoying a pint in the sunshine. TT Races 2013

Let me quote something to you.  While in The Alps about 10 years ago, we met another British motorbike guy on our campsite. He’d booked his own solo Alpine motorcycle tour, purely on information gleaned from this website.  He thanked me for the info, of course.  He said he had considered booking a place on my Alps Tour, but he thought this “might be too formal and organised”.  My group of clients fell about laughing 🙂   How rude!

Bike Tours UK is more like a club.   Yes, I organise it all, set up the trip, make it all work, and I’m around to help resolve any problems should they occur.  But, the trips are in no way sterile and prescriptive.  Plans are all very loose and there’s plenty of space for people to do their own thing.  There’s no tight formal itinerary and we enjoy many spontaneous activities “on the hoof”. We don’t have organised coffee stops. We rarely sit down for formal dinners.

If you’re the type of person who likes to rise at the crack of dawn, and have every minute of the day pre-planned for you, with pre-set times, tight itineraries and pre-ordained places for coffee and lunch, then these tours are probably not for you.  You could be twitching with frustration within a couple of days.  Some might say “chaotic”, but I’d say it’s like being out riding with a group of friends rather than a fully-regimented Motorcycle Package Tour. I don’t care much for “package tours” myself, although we sometimes use them for long-haul family holidays when the price works out cheaper than a flight only!

I like to think there’s still room for you to be a “free spirit” on my tours, as long as you’re sociable when required.