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Well I’ve been saying for the last few years that “this will be my last trip to Iceland”.  Sadly, August 2017 was the last time  I want to lead a trip in Iceland.  With some regret, I’m dropping this destination from my repertoire, after running about 18 (?) tours there.  My decision is based mainly on the reasons below;

  1. Iceland is getting stupidly expensive again. At almost 200ISK to the UK pound, it was just about affordable for a while. Now it’s back down to about 130 Icelandic Kronur to the UK pound.  For what you got, Iceland was the most expensive trip I offered, anywhere in the entire world. The Alps are far far better value, Morocco is loads cheaper, ditto Thailand. I can offer you a fully supported trip in the Himalayas for less than a trip to Iceland.  Admittedly my last trip to Iceland was “too long”  at 10+ days, but it was nudging £2000 per head – and it made a loss at that.     AND THAT IS FOR CAMPING!   For that kind of money – some guests expect luxury hotels and cooked breakfasts. That is just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  Handling expectations can be problematic.
  2. Car rental is reasonable, but bike rental is extortionate.
  3. Business insurance for rental bikes was becoming difficult or impossible to obtain.  My preferred supplier has given up now, and sold the rental bikes.
  4. Iceland has become too popular. Ever growing numbers of Tourists are spoiling the place now.  The previous wilderness & solitude is dwindling.  Rightly or wrongly, remote camping is now banned in lovely places we used to use, like Dynjandi Falls.
  5. The weather can be AWFUL. Not all the time, but quite a lot. After a number of foul weather camping trips, you come to ask yourself, “why?”     Challenging weather in itself should not be a show stopper, but when you can go somewhere nice & sunny, for half the price, and not worry about the stupid cost of food & drink – then why keep flogging a dead horse?  It was good, while it lasted.  I still own half a DRZ400 in Iceland. So I’m not saying I’ll never go back there, personally. But I won’t take a group again.  The DRZ has gone as well now, so even a private visit is less likely.  Shame, in a way.


Having said all that, if you want to go, I’m happy to offer tips & advice. So get in touch. I know people out there who can assist you with a fairly hard core dirt riding experience (KTM / Husky / Husaberg kind of thing).  I have absolutely no interest in riding BMWs round the N1 Ring Road following the tourist coaches..

All History now. (below)

Summer 2016, possibly one of my final epic trips to Iceland.  I keep saying, “it’s my last tour” but done I’ve 16 of them now and even bought a bike over there.  So despite the sometimes “challenging” weather, I’m not done yet.   YES – off we go again for 2017. We’re perhaps considering a new slant – a “six wheel” tour. Read on down for full details, and don’t forget there are masses of photos on our Facebook group.  This is a big adventure, yet a mere 3 hour flight away.  We fly to Reykjavik then pick up rented dual sport bikes to ride into the heart of Iceland, far away from the standard tourist route.  We pull in the main attractions of course; Thingvellir the seat of the ancient parliament and the wrenching of tectonic plates, then to Geysir and onto the magnificent waterfall of Gullfoss….. but then – Into The Wildnerness!  The barren interior where few dare to tread.  It’s worth it however, to visit the heritage site of Hveravellir, then across to what I call the “Black Desert” of volcanic ash to arrive in the comparatively green oasis of Landmannalaugar.  This is a proper “Adventure” with several hundred kilometres of gravel road riding, and the accommodation is camping. Naturally.  We now have 2 brand new Honda Africa Twins out there, 2 Honda CRF 250Ls and a nice Suzuki DRZ400E.

Iceland Adventure 2017, go with Bike Tours UK to enjoy this dirt road exploration of Iceland’s interior at an affordable price.

Usually a 6 day trip, with 4 days riding.  This is adventure biking – i.e. it’s like a mini expedition.  The price includes motorcycle rental, guiding, back up vehicle for luggage & rescue, but not flights to Reykjavik.  Guide price of £1130.  Customisable to suit group requirements, get in touch and we’ll adapt this epic trip to your group’s requirements.  (some off road riding experience or practice advised before departure).

The tour will be my “Black Desert” tour covering about 600km, with half to two-thirds on gravel roads.  In 2014 we extended this tour to seven days, with FIVE days’ riding to include Snaefellsness.  once again, the tour can be extended to include Snaefellsness or indeed the remote area of the north West Fjords.

NEW approach from 2015 onwards. Bring your friends? Bring your family?  Let’s lay on a few 4x4s to add a bit of comfort!

This is adventure touring – i.e. it’s like a mini expedition.  The price for the MOTORCYCLE VERSION includes motorcycle rental, guiding, back up vehicle for luggage or rescue, but not flights to Reykjavik.  Guide price of £1130.  LESS – for people travelling in the 4x4s.