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By popular demand, my regulars “made me do this” :lol: I’ve ridden or driven across Morocco 5 times now, and already, it’s taken hold of me.  Where else can be so different to England just 4 hours flight away, on the fringes of Europe. Well, Iceland actually – but Morocco is quite like that – just a lot hotter & drier .   It’s a long way to ride down all the way to the Sahara and back again. (Been there, done that, in 2013). That huge journey there and back eats up time and money, and although it’s very satisfying, after three to four thousand miles, and 2 to 3 weeks gone by, that’s at the very least, a set of tyres worn out, plus lots of other wear & tear on your bike.   Many of us would just rather get the most we can from one stretched week away from work.    Our solution to this?   Fly & hire.  Fly with us to Marrakech, rent a dual sport bike, and come and play on mountain trails and desert pistes for a week.  Great fun and you can travel light ‘cos your bags go in the 4×4 support vehicle.  This is NOT a prolonged road trip on overweight “Wannabee” road bikes.  It’s NOT a Paris Dakar style endurance test for men with balls of steel either – but something right down the middle.  Half & Half.  A lot of sealed, “normal” roads on the tour, but equally, a few hundred kilometres of rocky mountain trails and wide open desert pistes.  This falls firmly within the “Adventure” camp. Very much like my like Iceland trip, it’s more suitable for riders with some previous off road experience – but you don’t have to be an expert. Scroll right down, below this 2013 photo album for more details.  Perhaps get your own private group together, and we’ll work out a great itinerary for you according to the time you have available.

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Duration – around 10 day window at any time of your choosing between November and April.  During our Winter months. Summer would be far too hot!  We fly to Marrakech. Stay a night or two just a few kms outside the city at a lovely french-run Auberge with pool, and licensed restaurant. We pick up Honda XL250s here, or Yamaha 660s, then set of for a 5 or 6 day round trip including mountain trails, a bit of the Sahara desert, the Dades & Todra gorges and the Tiz-n-Tchika pass.

We have our own Moroccan support driver now, Brahim, with his own 4×4 pick up truck.  We were invited to be guests in his house in Fezzou last year, a small village with a crumbling Kasbah, right in the fringes of the Sahara desert.  One of the highlights of the trip that was.  We don’t bother camping anymore, as it’s not worth carrying all the kit out there.  We normally use traditional Berber accommodation. Simple, and basic and very authentic.

Flights to Marrakech are from about £50 each way with Easyjet.